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Affiliated Companies 


Research and Acquisitions

Our successful projects are a result of comprehensive research and commitment. We feel it's important to fully understand the background and potential of a building or property before moving forward with a long-term vision.

Project Development

As a locally based company, we care about Walla Walla's past as well as its future. That's why, before we begin a restoration, we take our time peeling back the historical layers and thinking about the building's relationship to the community. That same commitment to precision is the cornerstone of our ground-up projects, too—because above all, we understand that implementing the right vision always requires thoughtful, informed decisions.

Leasing Services 


Our leasing services are the follow-through to our development projects and receive the same high level of care. We work with both national and local tenants to create beneficial business relationships within the community.


Property Management

At Tarragon Northwest, we understand the Walla Walla market and successful property management. Our local team manages a portfolio of more than 380,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space in Walla Walla. Together, we work to create lasting relationships by providing a positive atmosphere and experience for our employees, tenants and their clients.