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Sayer Building​​

Retail  & Office | 12,360 square feet
28 East Main Street
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This 1890 building, named after William Sayer, is most famous for housing the Bee Hive Store, purveyor of "Dry Goods, Notions, and Men's Furnishings." The popular department store, which served Walla Walla for more than 70 years, closed in 1977, but local residents still fondly recall stories about The Bee Hive.


Drumheller Building​​

Retail & Office | 92,766 square feet
5 West Alder Street | View Google map

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In 1900, Jesse Drumheller, a successful stockman and rancher, helped two of his sons purchase a local hardware business which then became the Drumheller Company. The tallest of the three buildings that now make up this complex was built in 1904 to house the Drumhellers' new store, which would operate for several decades. Today, you can still see the old "Drumheller Co." signs painted on the side of the building.

H.H. Hungate Building

Retail & Vacation Rental Suites | 16,300 SF 

214-226 East Main Street | View Google map | View downtown map

Harrison H. Hungate was a successful farmer who served in both territorial and local government. In 1903 he bought this lot for $3,532.50 and, in 1904, construction began. The building, designed by the city's leading architect, Henry Osterman, was completed in 1905 and remained in the Hungate family until the 1970s. Over the years it has housed hotels on the upper floor and retail shops and businesses below.

Paine Building

Future Retail & Hotel | 20,160 square feet 

2 East Main Street| View Google map| View downtown map

Brothers Frank W. and John G. Paine arrived in Walla Walla in 1861 after failing to find fortune in gold mining. Here they set up a business selling clothing to miners and used their earnings to fuel other ventures. Together they contributed greatly to Walla Walla's development. Built in 1879, the building that bears their name has housed banks, barbers, physicians, a weather station, and more.

C.J. Breier Building

Retail & Office 15,742 square feet 

E Main Street & N Colville / View Google map | View downtown map 

In 1926, C.J. Breier, Jr., the son of a successful retailer, built a shop offering "clothing, shoes, ladies' ready-to-wear goods, and notions." Parts of the structure date back to 1905 or likely earlier and were incorporated into Breier's façade. Breier shared his space with a sports store, a candy shop, an adding machine company, and a veterinarian.

115 South Third Avenue

Flexible Use | 1,016 square feet 

115 South Third Avenue | View Google map | View downtown map

This Art Deco building built in the 1930s was once a service station. Recently remodeled, and formally Express Employment Services.

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