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Why Walla Walla?


Just a short flight from Seattle, Walla Walla offers the culture and opportunities of a larger city while retaining the small-town charm that has made it famous. The area's natural landscape, historic downtown, wineries, climate, and affordability have drawn tourists and new residents from all over the map. Spend an hour at a cafe along Main Street or a downtown tasting room, and you're sure to meet some friendly locals who'll tell you why this town is so alluring. 

On average, Walla Walla gets just 46 days of precipitation each year and 188 days of sunshine—perfect conditions for its 120 wineries and nearly 3,000 acres of vineyards. Home to two four-year colleges, as well as a fast-growing arts scene, it's rich in cultural offerings. And the surrounding environment offers year-round entertainment for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, and more. 

So why not Walla Walla? Come see us and find out what we're all about.